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Blasting Cut has made the video creation process super efficient. Being able to make videos directly on the platform makes the process much faster. Plus, it's super easy and intuitive to use! It's straight forward and the finished product is always great. Blasting Cut has really streamlined the process.


I have worked in Blasting News for years, and I believe that Blasting Cut is an accessible platform, easy to use but very effective. The videos I create through Blasting Cut are really nice to see and effortlessly understandable, the layout is clear and essential! It is definitely a portal I recommend to all the video makers.

Concetta Chirico

BlastingCut is a responsive, fast and user-friendly platform for creating and editing videos. The platform has optimized my activities and improved my performance as a Video Blaster. I am able to create as many videos as I want in little time, whilst guaranteeing a high quality work product.

Murilo Rodrigues

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